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Focus: Youth

“...(the) youth is not only our future, but also our present. Young people deserve our special attention by virtue of the fact that they are called upon to open new paths to disseminate the truths of the Gospel. Without the youth, we would not only be deprived of the ability to progress, we would stagnate.” And further: “But if we attract and unite our youth, especially those young people who burn with love for God and the desire to serve the Church and Fatherland, we will be able to accomplish great feats to the benefit of the Church, Orthodoxy and our much-suffering Motherland. The Russian Church Abroad, scattered throughout the world, can especially fulfil this mission, fostering the expansion of Orthodoxy and its great legacy among the peoples, spreading the good news to those “which were afar off, and to them that were nigh” (Ephesians 2:17).”

Metropolitan Laurus
World Russian Peoples Council

At the Fund for Assistance we care deeply about the future of our Church – our young people. We strive to provide them with opportunities to understand and live out their faith, develop lasting friendships with other young
Orthodox Christians, and open up new paths for missionary work.

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