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Fund For Assistance
To The Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia

A warm Thank You from Haiti

Thanks to your amazing generosity, we've been able to send $15K to Haiti for the victims of Hurricane Matthew. We don't know how the money has helped our brothers and sisters yet, but we have received the warmest of "Thank Yous" from a very special person. More Info >

URGENT: Help your suffering Orthodox brothers and sisters in Haiti!

Hurricane Matthew has hit Haiti very hard.  Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Close to a 1000 have lost their lives.  Members of our ROCOR mission in Haiti have suffered as well.  While none have lost their lives, all have endured damage to their meager property and crops.  Especially hard hit was our St. John of Shanghai parish in Les Cayes. The parish is... More Info >

Clergy Support

Church canons give us a direct command to support our clergy materially, as they in turn support us spiritually, helping us in the most important moments of our lives. More Info >

News Updates
See how many people are grateful to you - 11/18/16

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Kosovo: Your loving-kindness in action - 11/18/16

One day last spring, while doing missionary work in Kosovo, Fr Nektarios Serfes of the Decani Monastery Relief Fund asked a young child what he eats every day.

"Cabbage: Monday through Saturday," he said with a smile.

"What do you eat on Sunday," Fr Nektarios then asked him.

"We eat chicken after church.  We can't wait to go to church and come home to have chicken!"

Chile: A Journey of hope for Fr Alexei - 11/18/16

A few months ago we were terrified to hear that Fr Alexei Aedo Villugron of the ROCOR mission in Chile was in a very difficult financial situation. He couldn’t even pay for heating and water during the winter months in South America.

Each one of our stories starts with prayer – for you - who make it possible - 11/17/16

Our beneficiaries tell us - sometimes with tears in their eyes - how grateful they are to you – who daily turn their lives around. Because very often without you, there wouldn’t have been anybody there to help them.



"The hurricane took our hope..." - Joel from Jacmel - 10/21/16

My name is Joel Derolus. Hurricane Matthew took everything we owned. The house where I lived with my family (my two sisters and my widow mother) is seriously damaged.

"I am completely ruined..." - a story from Jacmel - 10/18/16

Reader Urbain’s motto in life has always been: “Just as you want men to do to you, you also do to them likewise” (Luke 6:31). Since he became Orthodox in 2001, he has devoted his life to the Lord, His Church, and his family. Urbain and his wife raise two of his nephews in addition to their own two daughters, tithe to their parish in Jacmel, and share with those less fortunate than them.


He has faced constant pain, the mob, 21 hour work days. Was it all in vain? - 08/21/16

In the course of a lifetime you may be fortunate enough to be inspired by someone who is truly making a difference. Someone whose only goal in life is to help others. Someone who works selflessly, tirelessly and against all odds, to make the world a better place.


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