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 St Herman's Youth Conference in Rock City, IL - 03/10/14

The participants of the conference held in the Mid-America and Chicago Diocese made this wonderful Thank you video for us. Check out the bloopers at the end!:)


 St Herman's Youth Conference in Mulino, OR - 02/18/14

Mulino, OR - Your donations in action -  see what future Church leaders: priests, matushkas, choir directors, readers, etc. say about a wonderful annual youth conference! This year the conference, organized by the Western American Diocese and sponsored by the FFA, was held in Mulino, OR, at the parish of New Russian Martyrs in Mulino, OR. 


 Arming our youth for spiritual battle - a film by EADMO - 02/18/14

Please watch this excellent film about the recent St Herman's conference in Sea Cliff, NY, produced by the Eastern-American Diocese Media Office. 

St. Herman’s Youth Conference: Arming our Youth for Spiritual Battle - 02/17/14

Sea Cliff, NY - In today’s day and age, when evil forces vigorously wage war against the fundamentals of Christianity by giving people false hope through materialism and secularism, the most vulnerable victims of this warfare are the youth. Television programs and social networks bombard young people with images of celebrities and politicians, who proudly live immoral lives and preach messages that go against all of the teachings of the Holy Church. But despite all of these horrors, there are still those among the youth who try not to succumb to the temptations of this world, and for this reason the Russian Church Abroad hosts the annual St. Herman’s Youth Conference during the traditional winter recess during the Gregorian Calendar feast of the Nativity of our Lord. On December 22-26, a group of approximately 75 high school- and college-aged Orthodox Christians gathered in Long Island to continue this tradition. 

A new deacon for the ROCOR Mission in Haiti - 02/14/14

Paris: Wonderful news for those whose hearts are touched by our brothers’ plight in Haiti: on Wednesday, February 12, in the Cathedral Church of the Diocese of Korsun in Paris, Bishop Nestor of Korsun ordained into the deaconate a Haitian seminarian Augustine Gesnel, who is studying at the Russian Orthodox seminary in France. Until he graduates, the newly-ordained deacon will serve as a deacon as part of the seminary clergy, and after returning to Haiti, he will serve at his home parish of St Augustin in Jacmel.  

Orthodoxy a la Uganda - 01/27/14

"Father Chris is one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met. He is always in good spirits and loves to laugh. He welcomes all those that come to him, will give you anything you ask, but will never ask for anything in return."

Take a pilgrimage to Uganda from the comfort of your home! - 01/27/14

You are invited to take a pilgrimage to a unique church on Bukasa Island, Uganda. You can click through this amazing panorama and listen to Liturgy served in a local language. The wooden chapel was built by Fr Christopher Walusimbi, who heads the small ROCOR mission there. FFA has been supporting Fr Christopher for several years. 

How a SC priest was able to continue serving his parish - 01/16/14

Fr Mark was one of the biggest contributors to his parish: he devoted endless hours to his parish, often bought necessary items, like vigil lamp oil and incense out of his own resources and tithed back to the parish. “Fr Mark pays us to be our priest,” said parishioner Nell Shaw.

Chile: A new car brings Liturgy to the faithful - 01/15/14

For Fr. Alexei, an umbrella was an essential thing to have. He had lost the last two within a week of purchasing them ­­– both times on a bus, on the way to serve Liturgy. After making sure that his suitcase – which was even more essential – was all right, Fr. Alexei got off the bus. It was getting ready to storm. There was no one there to meet him this time, so he shifted his suitcase into a more comfortable position and set off on foot. A strong wind picked up, and it began to rain. It was awkward carrying a heavy suitcase in one hand and an umbrella in the other: it was also ineffective. A sharp gust of wind tore the umbrella away and carried it off. Fr. Alexei only sighed, without setting his old suitcase down even for an instant: it contained his vestments, liturgical Gospel book, and vessels. “My suitcase is my church,” he would often say. 

Holy Trinity Monastery in Jordanville: Warmth in the Midst of the Cold New York Winter - 01/15/14

At 5 a.m. Brother Lev began to clear the snow off the path to the church – there was just enough time to do it before Liturgy. It was -4°F, and an icy wind was stinging his face. He was frozen to the marrow and was having comforting thoughts about there being just enough time to warm himself in his cell before the service. However, when he got back to his cell the radiator was cold; the old furnaces were not always able to cope with the cold New York winters, but Holy Trinity Monastery did not have the money to repair them. "The monks and visitors complain that it is very cold in some of the rooms. We need to resolve this issue, but at the same time we need to stop using these dangerous radiators in the rooms," says Archimandrite Luke, the monastery's abbot. "We recently replaced the boilers in the basement. Now we need to replace the old pipes and renovate the building so that all the floors are at the same temperature. This is a huge problem for us at present." 

“Your support allowed me to finish seminary,” – reader Anthony Williams - 01/14/14

"I had always known that a secular career was not what I wanted. Although I enjoyed my studies, my main interest was always the Church: the services, the Church’s history, Holy Scripture, church music, Church-Slavonic, etc. I always planned to serve the Church in some capacity when I grew up. Taking my father’s advice, I enrolled at Holy Trinity Seminary in Jordanville when I was 17. There I continued my study of Russian and familiarized myself with Dogmatic Theology, History, Pastoral Theology, Patrology, and much more. I also met many wonderful people there, with whom I hope to remain in touch for the rest of my life, even if service to the Church takes us far apart. Although the seminary’s tuition is fairly inexpensive – especially compared to that of other universities – it was still beyond my means."

The Campbells are ok, but others need help - 12/30/13

Last September when 8 y.o. Ella Campbell was excitedly showing her grandmother how well she learned to ride a bicycle, the unthinkable happened. She fell and hit her head so severely that her skull fractured in three places around her left eye. Her brain suffered no damage, but several complications arose. For over a month the whole family: Fr Jonah, matushka Yelena and Ella’s two brothers, were sick with worry over the fate of their little girl. 

Why I donated in Kirill's memory - 12/27/13

Like hundreds in the Russian Orthodox community in New York, I was horrified to read about the tragic death of 3 year old Kirill.  His father threw him off a high rise, and then jumped himself. Like all my friends, I pray for him and his mother Svetlana. We've neve met, but I, too, have a 3 year old boy, and I cannot imagine what emotional trauma she is experiencing. I also gave a $100 in memory of little Kirill to the Fund for Assistance. Why did I choose to donate to FFA and not to St Jude’s Hospital, where Svetlana created a fund in his name?

How your support changed one deacon's life - 12/27/13

Your support this year meant the world to us! We are so thankful for your generosity and wanted to share how the help of donors like you changed the lives of members of our Church this year.
Seminarian Peter Markevich, for example, found it impossible to continue his studies at Holy Trinity Seminary on top of supporting a wife and child. Markevich was one of many seminarians, who were unable to pay for their education.

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