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George, Fr Joseph, and George's mother Rani are grateful for your support!

When they got him out of prison, he couldn’t stop shaking and vomiting from the excruciating pain. George had been tortured so badly that even now – six months later – he suffers from severe backache…

But despite false accusations and pain, George is grateful. Because he found out that one person will do anything for him.  This person is his priest and the founder of the ROCOR mission in Pakistan - Fr Joseph Farooq.

I’m writing to you today because the mission in Pakistan needs your urgent assistance.

If you ask George’s family, they will say they couldn’t have survived this ordeal without the parish’s and especially their priest’s help.

At 25, George is the sole bread winner for his widowed mother and five sisters. The whole family are parishioners of the St Michael’s ROCOR mission.

Last summer, George was falsely accused of theft by his Muslim coworkers. They were jealous of his success as a bus cleaner, and the trust their Muslim boss put in him.

When you’re Christian in Pakistan, you face discrimination daily. And often the only person who can help you is your priest. Fr Joseph is highly educated with many connections. At all times, especially when trouble strikes, he goes to work for his flock.

He’s an admirable man and I admire his strength and courage. But he needs your support!

Last July, Fr Joseph’s phone rang late at night. George’s mother was crying so hard, she couldn’t get the words out. When Fr Joseph understood what happened, he sprang into action. Despite the lateness of the hour, he called every single influential person he knew would be able to help. After that, he rushed to comfort the family. 

Fr Joseph is a respected leader in the community. But even with his friends and the respect he enjoys, it took a full week to get George out of prison.

Thanks to kind donors like you, Fr Joseph managed to help the family while George was recuperating. Later, he helped George find another job. Today George works in an auto shop.

Fr Joseph is a great priest, and a smart, capable man. But he’s only one person. And he can’t do much by himself. He needs you on his side. Will you stand with him to protect his parishioners? Please give today!

The mission’s first order of business is to simply survive. The small community that has grown around the parish for the past seven years lives in many ways like the first Christians. They gather together for prayers, they support each other in any way they can, and they really work to grow their mission. But most are farmers, who work all the time, yet remain extremely poor.

Although the mission is constantly growing, they need your help just to keep going. Will you help them?

As harrowing as George’s story is, it is just one instance of what Fr Joseph has to deal with every day. Will you help him?

Your gift will make sure that the mission’s expenses, such as electricity, and mission registration fees. That way Fr Joseph can devote his considerable organizational and people talents to the benefit of his mission, so it grows and strengthens to the glory of God.

Your support will relieve him of the constant worry about the future of his parish. As a kind donor to the Fund for Assistance, you know that the amazing thing about support for operating expenses is how often this kind of sustenance becomes the first step to a new life for a mission.

That’s why I hope you can make a donation today! I know you are someone who cares for your suffering brothers and sisters in Christ. And you’re one of the people who goes above and beyond to strengthen our Church.  

So please give today! Fr Joseph needs $5,000 by March 15th, so he can pay the mission’s expenses. Please don’t set this email aside and help him today!


With love in Christ,


Mark Selawry

FFA President


P.S. Thank you for caring so much!  

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