Kurenkovs – Eviction canceled!

Sometimes in our work here at the FFA, we come across simply unbelievable cases.


In December, I wrote to you about an absolutely dire situation with a clergy couple from Boston, MA.


The clergyman and his wife are not as young as they once were...

...both lost a lot of work because of COVID... (over a year ago)...

...Father doesn't get paid at his parish...

...their old car completely broke down...

...they had to rely on the help of neighbors and friends to get to places like grocery stores or job interviews...

...they were also 5 (FIVE!) months behind on their rent...

And the worst part was...

When they received an eviction notice in the mail, informing them that they would be evicted out of their apartment on December 25th… Yes, Christmas Day…


Yes, I know the apartment complex management were “just doing their job,” but how much more Ebeneezer Scrooge can you get?!


So you stepped in.


Not only did you help Fr. Alexander and Mat. Tatiana pay rent, you also collected enough for a down payment on a new car.


Thank you so much for taking care of our Church and Her clergy in need!


With love in Christ,

Mark Selawry
FFA President


P.S. Take a look at what Fr. Alexander and Mat. Tania want to tell you personally on our YouTube channel (Fund4Assistance).

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