Fund for Assistance helps UOC purchase Transport, Aid for Refugees

Thanks to the generous response from our donors, the Fund for Assistance was able to help the Ukrainian Orthodox Church obtain a transport vehicle and various items to aid Ukrainian refugees. Below is a translation of a letter from the German Diocese of ROCOR, through which the donation was sent. The original text is available on the Russian version of the site. Included above are appeals from the UOC's Synodal Social Humanitarian Department with requests for funds for a transport vehicle (pictured).


Dear Fund for Assistance!

Thank you for the tremendous help that the Fund has provided to help refugees, both in Ukraine and abroad.

We are continuing work in the following fields:

1) housing new arrivals;

2) work with state administration for registering said persons and providing translation services;

3) workng alongside local business and organizations for joint support of refugees, help in interpreting for new arrivals;

4) providing material assistance to refugees in displaces persons camps;

5) receiving UOC priests who have arrived in Germany, providing them with aid and support during their stay in Germany and helping them service in church;

6) supporting contacts with representatives of Catholic and Protestant churches who are ready to provide aid;

7) meeting with journalists to elucidate our positions and work;

8) creating a schoo for those who wish to learn German; classes are held several days a week.

We maintain contact with the UOC's Synodal Social-Humanitarian Department. The Synodal Department provided assistance throughout Ukraine, fundraises, disburses humanitarian aid, purchases medicine, and pays bills for parishes and monasteries. The Synodal Department informs of us areas with particular need.

We have provided aid to:

- Benevolent Organization/Charitable Fund “Dynasty of Good,” Kiev (medicines)

- Charity Fund “We Help,” Dnepro – bus for transporting refugees, children, and the handicapped

- Hygiene kits for people in need, Frankfurt – hygienic kits (1,000 count)

- Holy Dormition Svyatogorsk Lavra, Svyatogorsk – medicines, funds to purchase various items for refugees being housed; a large humanitarian project is being prepared (as a result of military activity in the area, this has been postpoed)

- medicnes, financial assistance

- help in arranging housing for refugees

- aid for monasteries receiving refugees

Latest list of aid provided (September 14, 2022):

- Varius aid packages to priests - both those who have arrived in Germany and those who have returned. Amounts from 1000 € to several thoousand.

- At the request of the UOC's Synodal Department, purchased transport vehicle "Mercedes Sprinter" in Belgium and shipped to Ukraine. Cost: 20,000 €, along with an additional 2,000 € for local purchases.

- Aid in the amount of 30,000 € being prepared for Pochaev Lavra.

- Continuing support to Svyatogorsk Lavra, where possible, in the amount of 10,000 €.

We will keep you up to date.

All the best!

Subdeacon Michael

Frankfurt, September 14, 2022

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