Mexico: You're Always in Her Prayers

Dear Friends,


You’re the one who didn’t turn away. Who gave a helping hand. Who shared a little bit of your heart.


Perhaps it was so easy for you that you barely remember. But they remember. Because you changed their life.


And God remembers.


Please know there’s someone out there – far away – who prays for your salvation. Because you changed their life.


May God bless you for the love you show your Church and Her most vulnerable people.


When Natalia* came to the ROCOR mission in Mexico City, her heart – and her body – were sore and bruised. After three years of marriage to her Mexican husband, the relationship went wrong. Pablo beat Natalia, kicked her out of the house, took her passport, and told her she’d never see their two children again.


Speaking very basic Spanish, having no money and no documents… Where could Natalia go to be safe? Who could help her fight for her kids?


Fortunately, Natalia found her way to the Holy Trinity Monastery, where Fr. Nektariy – head of the ROCOR Mission in Mexico City – helped her find a place to stay, and put her in touch with a good lawyer.


Today – many months later – Natalia is reunited with her beloved kids. This couldn’t have happened if it weren’t for your help. Because you supported Fr. Nektariy and Holy Trinity Monastery in Mexico City, Natalia was able to get the help she so desperately needed.


You’re always in her prayers.


Because you opened your heart when she had nowhere to go.


She will never forget that.


Alena Plavsic
Development Manager
Fund For Assistance to ROCOR



*personal details have been changed to protect privacy

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