Haiti: Parish Life Goes On – Thanks To You

Dear Friends,


You’re the one who didn’t turn away. Who gave a helping hand. Who shared a little bit of your heart.


Perhaps it was so easy for you that you barely remember. But they remember. Because you changed their life.


And God remembers.


Please know there’s someone out there – far away – who prays for your salvation. Because you changed their life.


May God bless you for the love you show your Church and Her most vulnerable people.


The situation of the ROCOR Mission in Haiti is stable, despite the political and economic troubles and violence.


Life is very difficult. Fuel is scarce, gang wars and kidnapping are rampant. It is total anarchy.


But parish life goes on – thanks to you. Our brothers and sisters adapted even to these most terrifying circumstances. And they do not stop praying to God.


Some parishes begin Sunday services much earlier in the morning – so that they can be in and out of churches before the gang members wake up and go out looking for trouble.


The parishes are still trying their best. Parish schools are still functioning, as well as literacy classes for adults, even renovation in some churches.


All our brothers and sisters in Haiti want is to be able to live in peace, make a living to feed their families, and pray to God.


In a world gone mad, your assistance is an answer to their prayers!


May Christ God bless you for your kind help!


Alena Plavsic
Development Manager
Fund For Assistance to ROCOR

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