Ukraine: Ludmilla will never forget you!

Dear Friends,


You’re the one who didn’t turn away. Who gave a helping hand. Who shared a little bit of your heart.


Perhaps it was so easy for you that you barely remember. But they remember. Because you changed their life.


And God remembers.


Please know there’s someone out there – far away – who prays for your salvation. Because you changed their life.


May God bless you for the love you show your Church and Her most vulnerable people.


You wouldn’t know from the photo, but this family has suffered a tragedy. Their house and everything in it were destroyed in a bombing. They lost everything they owned.


Today they live in a barn they fixed up as a sort of house.


When their world fell apart, you didn’t remain indifferent. You surrounded Ludmilla and her children with the love from your heart.


It’s thanks to kind people like you that Ludmilla’s family have food, personal care products, dishwashing liquid, diapers, and clothes.


Ludmilla will never forget you!


Thank you for caring so much about our Church and those in need!


Alena Plavsic
Development Manager
Fund For Assistance to ROCOR

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