Severe Humanitarian Crisis in Pakistan

An Orthodox Priest requests Financial Assistance for Poor Families as the Flooding in Pakistan causes massive damage to crops and vegetables and the prices of food items skyrocket


The unprecedented rains and floods in Pakistan have caused large scale devastation in various parts of the country. The government of Pakistan has declared a state of emergency in view of huge losses of life, property, infrastructure, crops and vegetables, livestock and livelihoods. 33 million people have been affected and 1000s of lives have been lost. Beside this, nearly 20 million people crowded into camps after losing their homes in widespread flooding in Pakistan. Essential infrastructure including roads, bridges, and markets has been severely damaged and many remain impassable.


The floods sweeping across Pakistan have caused widespread destruction, ruined livelihoods, displaced millions, and sparked a food crisis. Food prices have been raised across the country as miles of farmland succumb to the deluge leaving our poor families and their children crying as they do not have money to buy food to eat.



Rains and floods have destroyed rice, banana, onion, and tomato crops, along with other vegetables. The land routes between the provinces are completely cut off and several bridges are washed away. Only few districts have been spared, and they cannot fulfill the whole population’s food needs. Media reports that tomatoes alone cost over $3 per pound (amounts converted to USD), when median income in Pakistan is less than $335 per month. Shopkeepers have set arbitrary prices after the supply chain was disrupted by floods; potatoes and onion are being sold at Pak rupees $1.75 per pound and other vegetables at similar rates. Expected to increase further in the coming days due to short supply in markets and destruction of the crops by the floods in Pakistan and in next three months, the prices of wheat, rice, vegetables, and some others are expected to hike more due to their short supply to the market.


I visited faithful from house to house. I saw my people very upset and heartbroken. They work on daily wages and their wages are very meager. After working 12 hours, they receive only 800-1000 rupees ($3-4) for their hard labor work. Each family consists of 6 to 7 members, including children and old parents. Pakistan is already a poor country where Christians are extremely poor and there is panic all around. They are worried about how to buy daily food to feed their children and old parents.

Furthermore, in case of sickness, it will be almost impossible for them to buy medicine.


I firmly believe that FFA will support our congregation in this time of suffering and desperation. I humbly request the kind donors for their humble donations for poor families. We need $48 for one family and one ration bag can feed 8 people for one month. This ration bag includes the following food items:



Food Items




Cooking Oil

05 kg




20 Kg




05 kg




05 kg



Different kinds of Pulses (Lentils)

05 kg



Bath soap/washing detergent




National Pickle Jar

02 kg




05 kg


Amount in US Dollars


Requested Amount for 150 families:

48x150=7200 US Dollars

Grant for 2 Months October and November 2022



We need your support
Please help TODAY. $24 can feed a small family (2-3) for a month; $48 can feed a larger family (4-6) for a month; $96 can feed two families for a month.


We need your support for 150 families who are extremely poor depending on daily wages. These families cannot afford sufficient food for their family members as prices of food commodities are very expensive due to devastating floods in the country.


Here I would like to share and thank FFA to ROCOR, that in 2020 with the blessings of His Eminence, Metropolitan Hilarion (May his memory be eternal!), the Fund For Assistance to ROCOR generously supported the mission for the poor and daily wager families during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 by providing them dry ration for 6 months.


Dear FFA and Kind Donors, thank you for your kind love and care for the ROCOR Mission in Pakistan!


May the Divine Mercy of Lord protect you and the most Holy Mother of God save us all!


Yours in Christ,

Priest Joseph Farooq

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