Pakistan & A Strange Story about Mike

Today we want to tell you a pretty strange story.


It’s about Mike.


Mike is a veteran. And a hero. He’s not young, or cool, or good-looking. But he has a very important job.


Truth be told, Mike is a huge part of the Orthodox community around Sargodha, Pakistan. It might not be too far to say that without Mike, there’d hardly be any Orthodox community here at all, because…


You see, there’s only a handful of Orthodox parishes in the whole country. And only one in the province of Punjab. But there are ten houses in the larger Sargodha area where the Orthodox gather for prayers, support, and visits from their priest, Fr. Joseph Farooq.


And if it weren’t for Mike…


But we're getting ahead of ourselves.


You see, Fr. Joseph frequently has to cover an area of 400 miles to visit all his flock. And he needs to do this weekly.


And Mike – well, he’s a missionary creation.


Because the only way that dozens of families can meet with their priest – for a service, for confession, for Communion, for treby – is when Mike brings Fr. Joseph to them.


Whenever the Orthodox see Mike in the street, they get excited. Because they know what he’s bringing. He’s bringing their priest, words of wisdom, spiritual discussions, Bible readings, and even Christ Himself.


But Mike’s getting old.


He’s been driving Fr. Joseph around the city ever since Fr. Joseph got ordained. And because Mike is old, he’s becoming unreliable.


You see, Mike is actually… a motorbike.


And although he’s in his early 20s, for a motorbike that’s pretty old… And at 53, Fr. Joseph’s not getting younger, either.


And it’s becoming increasingly difficult for him to travel 400 miles on a motorbike… in the rain, or scorching sun, driving the Holy Gifts in a box on the back seat…


So, don’t tell him, but it’s time for Mike to retire.


And that’s why we're reaching out you today.


Will you help Mike retire and get Fr. Joseph a reliable, safe car? It’s only going to cost you $16.01…


(Ok-ok, Fr Joseph doesn’t actually call it Mike… But the motorbike still needs to retire and Fr Joseph really needs a car. Can you help?)

Fr. Joseph really needs a replacement for Mike, because…


Think of it this way…


How would you like to drive even a couple of miles in the rain, weaving around potholes, in a hurry to visit a dying parishioner… All the while bringing the consecrated Body and Blood of Christ perched precariously in the back seat?


Ok, maybe it’s not raining all the time. And maybe Fr. Joseph is an amazing driver (do you know how good you have to be to survive a 5-minute drive in Pakistan?!).


And maybe he even looks cool on a motorbike… Especially if he wears his ryassa and sunglasses…


But think how dangerous Fr. Joseph’s life already is ‒ living in a hostile country...


… and let me ask you:


Would it be a bad idea to help him out just a little bit, make his life – and the life of his whole parish – just a little bit easier?


All for $16.01…


Why $16.01? Because that’s how much we need from you to buy the $13,000 used but still decent car that Fr. Joseph picked out as a replacement for Mike.


And if you’ve got a bit of extra cash, perhaps you could get the whole car for Fr. Joseph? And it’s going to be known by your name?


But in any case, even if you can’t spare the $16.01… Maybe you can give $1, to help Fr. Joseph get a safe vehicle…


And when you give, you’ll be part of this beautiful story… By providing a noble steed car, reliable enough to carry the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ safely


Will you help?


Just imagine the relief you’d be giving Fr. Joseph!


You’ll be saving him from:


  • Getting soaked in the pouring rain…
  • Being scorched by the blazing sun…
  • Buffeted by a strong wind…
  • Worrying about when the motorbike is going to break down… again…
  • Worrying about what happens to the Holy Gifts if the bike falls…
  • Worrying about what happens if he himself falls…





Doesn’t he have enough to worry about?


So won’t you please help retire Mike the Bike today?


Thank you. We know you will answer – even if it’s in your prayers.

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