Ukraine: Thank you for your sacrifice, your compassion, your prayers

To all of our friends:

First of all, I want to thank you for your sacrifice and acknowledge your pain. Thank you for your co-suffering and compassion. Thank you for your prayers for peace, thank you for your love for Christ, thank you for being gentle with those who disagree with you, and thank you for your profound mercy.

Thanks to you, we’ve collected over $257,000 for our brothers and sisters suffering from the fighting in Ukraine. And donations are still coming in!

We’ve already sent $147,000 in aid to refugees and displaced persons. We are dividing the money between Metropolitan Onuphry’s benevolent fund in Ukraine and Metropolitan Mark’s fund in Germany.

ROCOR parishes under our Metropolitan Mark of Berlin & Germany are helping hundreds of refugees daily. They bring them food, water, clothes, medicine. They help with translations in hospitals – because very few refugees speak German. Some ROCOR parishes are housing evacuees, others deliver hot meals to Ukrainians housed in hotels and shelters.

Many of these things were possible thanks to your kindness!

Metropolitan Onuphry’s fund helps about a thousand refugees every day. They feed them, clothe them, and help them relocate. And you have been instrumental in accomplishing this!

To quote Metropolitan Anthony of Borispol (Metropolitan Onuphry’s direct assistant): “The whole point of a sacrifice is the love with which this sacrifice is made. Even if you yourself think that your sacrifice is too small, it is extremely valuable in the eyes of the Lord.”

Thank you for your love and sacrifice for your suffering brothers and sisters! May God help you always in return for your kindness!

May God bless you!

Christ is Risen!

Mark Selawry
Fund for Assistance to ROCOR

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