We've been able to collect over $18K for the clergy burial fund!

Christ is Risen! Христосъ Воскресе!

Amazing news!


Because you've been absolutely INCREDIBLY generous...

Because you CARE for your priest...

Because you LOVE your Church...


We've been able to collect over $18K for the clergy burial fund! That's an extra $3K than we planned for, and the money is still coming!!!!


If you remember ‒ a generous donor has stepped forth with an offer to match every dollar until we raised $15K.




Thank you SO much!


This means that there's about $33K to use in case one of our clergy dies and his family has no funds to bury him ‒ thanks to YOU!

This means that YOU have alleviated a source of incredible stress for a grieving family.

This means that you are proactively caring for our Church.


Thank you! May God heap blessings on you and yours!


Words fail when we try to do YOU justice.


Just please know that all of us at FFA are deeply ‒ deeply grateful for your incredible kindness!


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