A Beautiful Dormition Poem

In the Serene Sea of August

“Open the gates and receive Her who bore the Maker of Heaven and earth. Let us in hymns praise the revered and holy body which held the Lord, upon whom no one can gaze” (Dormition of the Theotokos, Great Vespers)

In the serene sea of August
The skies leap like dolphins
Exuding blue, spilling over
In flows of fresh delphinium fields,

As today is Her Day,
As we celebrate Her infinite calmness,
Her kindness, patience, and bliss,
Today the Theotokos brings us
Our Heavenly peace
While Her soul rests
In the arms of Her Son
The Immortal Blue Rose
Adorns His eternal Love,
O how She gave it all
To the Lord,
How She waited
For this very moment
To give up Her soul
To Her beloved Son!

In the tranquil rivers of time
Her prayers soothe our pains,
As She enters our aching hearts
Planting blue lilacs of blessed grace.

Andrey Gidaspov
28 August 2019

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