Thank You for Letting us Work During COVID-19 (we are not joking)

In the midst of COVID-19 turmoil, I know you are deeply concerned about protecting your health and that of your loved ones. On behalf of everyone at FFA, I hope you stay safe and healthy during this unprecedented time.


I have also some great news for you personally.


But first I have to say this.


As you are all too aware, a lot of businesses have been closing down, teams have been moving to remote work, and everyone has been doing their best to stay healthy and safe.


FFA is an exception to that. Because wonderful donors like you have supported our resolution to stretch your dollar to the maximum, we’ve all been working from home for many years.


Because of your support, this has allowed us to save many years’ worth of expenses on things like office rent, electricity, equipment, etc., and instead focus on giving everything possible to our Church.


Even though we can’t go to church, we’re still doing what you’ve been allowing us to normally do. In other words, we’re working to help the Church.


To make up for what’s going on, I’m writing to bring you some good prayerful news.


Because of who you are… Because of everything you do for our Church… Because you allow us to keep working even when everyone’s in lockdown mode… We have a little present for you.


Because you’re an FFA donor, while you can’t go to Church, your names are being commemorated in Church.


Remember all those times I’ve written to you about the myrr-streaming Hawaiian Iveron Icon? Why do I keep doing that? Because praying for you to the Theotokos at this difficult time is the best way I know to say “thank you.”


I want you to know that we are sending lists of donor names to all the monasteries and all the clergy you and other kind and generous people have supported. And they are commemorating you during this difficult time.


If you have ever given to FFA, you can rest assured I’ve already sent your name to Fr Nektarios Yangson. The keeper of the Hawaiian Iveron Icon.


This way, while you’re unable to go to church, you can pray at home, look into the eyes of your icon of the Theotokos, and know that at this moment your name is being soaked in myrrh streaming from Her holy Hwaiian icon. And I hope even if you feel isolated, this knowledge will make you feel loved.


If you would like to add any names to the prayer lists that we regularly send to Hawaii, click here to read an interview with Fr. Nectarios and find out how.


I’m stuck at home, too. And I’m feeling overwhelmed, too. But I know what gives me courage and even makes me excited.


While we’re all sitting here organizing all our closets, let me just say that we can still use this time to strengthen our Church!


So if you can, please give your Lenten donation for your Church today! Any gift you give will be doubled by amazing people who offered to support our Church at this time.


With gratitude and love in Christ,

Alena Plavsic FFA Fundraiser


P.S. May you have a blessed healthy Lent. Thank you for caring so much about our Church.

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