Pentecost and a Power Outage in Argentina

We are so excited to introduce you to the Fund for Assistance blog! Here we will share updates from the people who you've given hope, through your generosity. Sign up to receive our updates, in your inbox! Please read on to learn more about our first mission update from Fr. Boris, in Buenos Aires, Argentina:

Back in 2017 you gave $31,000 to keep Fr. Boris and Matushka Ksenia from debt, poverty, and eviction. Your funds have continued to keep Fr. Boris serving the Cathedral of Resurrection, now without fear of financial catastrophe. Following Pentecost, Fr. Boris shared a joyous update with us. On Troitsa the Cathedral experience a massive power outage, due to heavy rain. Of course this obstacle did not stop Fr. Boris from serving Liturgy on the Great Feast Day of Troitsa, second in rank only to Pascha. Afterward Liturgy, Fr. Boris and his congregation enjoyed tea and each others' fellowship under the light, of battery powered lamps. What an experience!

Fr. Boris also shared with us photos from a recent baptism. May God bless Fr. Boris and his growing flock!

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