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This Giving Tuesday - Change a life - 11/26/18

Your gift will change the lives of the most vulnerable members of ROCOR - your brothers and sisters in Christ. 

Disaster in Paradise… Prevented by Your Generosity - 11/05/18

Though a tourist paradise, Bali is an expensive place to live in. Especially when there is no health insurance, and if you don’t pay up front, no one will treat you. Even when your life is at risk…

Haiti: Matushka Rose near stroke after terrifying experiences - 10/16/18

"We lived a moment of true terror, which adversely affected my health..."

Equip your priest to win 21st century spiritual battles! - 08/09/18

A teenager comes to her priest because her friend just came out as transgender. The priest knows that this is tricky territory. If he says the wrong thing - she might think the Orthodox Church is behind the times, irrelevant or bigoted, and may leave the faith. But he doesn't know how to respond. What is he to do?

Thank you for the ongoing support of ROCOR Missions around the World! - 07/05/18

You paid the rent. You provided shelter, food, and water. You made sure the light of Orthodoxy kept shining in the unlikeliest of places.


Inside our 2017 Annual Report - a map of your kindness - 07/02/18

Take a look at our annual report 2017: see what you have done for our Church here.

I am excited to share with you our 2017 annual report. It has been a pleasure working with you to ensure that our Church is stronger, vulnerable Church members are taken care of, and the light of Orthodoxy continues to shine even in far-off countries.


Thank you for all you have done to help our Church in 2017. It’s because of you that someone survived, someone persevered, and our Church became stronger: one member at a time.  


It would have been impossible without you!

Please take a look at some highlights of what your kindness has achieved in 2017 and join me in being spiritually grateful for the things we have done in 2017 – together!


In Christ,

Your grateful friend

Mark Selawry
FFA President

How You Saved Baba Irina from Donetsk - 05/11/18

When war broke out in Ukraine, Baba Irina’s family had to flee to a safer city. There was no way they could bring Babushka with them. She would not have made the trip alive.

Mary Grace: CT Scan results are in! - 04/24/18

I just got an email from Fr Aleksander about Mary Grace.

 Here it is: "I let you know that on Monday 23rd April at 19:00 Mary Grace has been undergoing CT Scan at the Hospital in Singaraja Bali.

The result is a true collision in the left side of her head when the accident in February, no visible bleeding in the inner brain, but there is inner injury (traumatic) in the left side of her head, the point of a hard collision...


A young girl's life might be at stake - 04/19/18

Today I got some disturbing news from the ROCOR mission in Bali, Indonesia. 

A young girl – a ROCOR priest’s daughter - is suffering a serious medical emergency. I pray you can help her now. 

Sister Martha, the new van, and other news in our latest newsletter - 03/21/18

Here's what you have accomplished lately. Take a look inside our newsletter!

Pristine beaches, exotic food, and... Orthodox Christianity? - 03/15/18

FFA supporters save Orthodox community in Bali from rent closure. Thanks to your unflagging support, the Orthodox Church is continuing to grow in the far East!
"With gratitude to God Almighty, on behalf of the ROCOR congregation in Bali, I say many thanks for the financial support from FFA." (Fr. Alexander Kobesi, ROCOR priest of Bali) 


The orphans at the Bethany School for Girls needed a van, and you said "Yes!" - 03/09/18

A few months ago, we wrote to you about Sister Martha, the head of the Bethany school for girls. More than that, she’s the unofficially adopted mother to the orphans.

The orphans need a new van. Their old workhorse is on its last legs. Your response has been unbelievable – we collected over $40K! Now we have more than we need for the 9-seater van that Sister Martha was looking at. The surplus will be used to provide for the daily needs of the orphans: food, clothing, doctors’ bills.

You led the horse to water. Then you helped it drink! - 03/08/18

Orthodox Mission trains poverty-stricken Haitians life skills to help defeat poverty for the long term.

Prince Galitzine about Russia and himself - 03/01/18

Remembering our first president Vladimir Galitzine who has reposed in the Lord on February 22, 2018. Here is an interview with him from a few years ago.

The princely line of the Galitzines is one of the most ancient aristocratic families of Russia and exists for almost 600 years. Representatives of this family have included ministers, ambassadors, governors, leaders of the nobility, scholars, musicians, writers, patrons of the arts and collectors… The October Revolution scattered them throughout many nations and continents, but wherever they may be, the Galitzines continue to serve their Homeland and Church, God and the people.

Long Time FFA President Vladimir Galitzine reposed in the Lord - 02/27/18

On February 22nd, 2018, following a prolonged illness, Prince Vladimir Kirillovich Galitzine reposed in the Lord. Vladimir Kirillovich served as long time FFA president, as well as warden of the Synodal Cathedral of the Sign in New York for 38 years.


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