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Haiti: Fr. Gregoire’s Last Wish - 02/29/16

A few weeks before his untimely death, Fr Gregoire sent FFA an email. He was a modest man and never asked for help for himself.

How you put food on a deacon’s table - 02/29/16

“Words cannot express how relieved we are. Thank you for donations, prayers and continued support to the Fund for Assistance!” said Fr. Thomas.


Support FFA by shopping on - 03/30/16

If you love shopping on, you'll be happy to know that the Fund for Assistance to ROCOR is now on Amazon Smile. Now, you can enjoy the same wide selection of products, low prices, and convenience, plus donate 0.5 percent of your purchase to the Fund for Assistance to ROCOR.

A Special "Thank You" from Decani - 05/18/16

Thanks to your incredible support, we have collected over $23,000 for our Orthodox brothers and sisters in Kosovo! Thank you! Spasibo! Hvala! The money was used to provide food and livestock to Orthodox families, so they would enough to eat and share with their neighbors on the feast of Holy Pascha.
Here's a very short video "thank you" from Archimandrite Sava, the Archimandrite of the Decani Monastery.

Fr. Alexei is in dire financial trouble - 05/26/16

Fr Alexei Aedo from the Russian Orthodox Mission in Chile is in dire financial trouble. 

Our annual report is out - 07/15/16

He has faced constant pain, the mob, 21 hour work days. Was it all in vain? - 08/21/16

In the course of a lifetime you may be fortunate enough to be inspired by someone who is truly making a difference. Someone whose only goal in life is to help others. Someone who works selflessly, tirelessly and against all odds, to make the world a better place.

A case of life and death for Fr. Nektariy and the ROCOR mission in Mexico - 08/22/16

Recently Holy Trinity monastery’s rent in Mexico City has been DOUBLED. Again. Illegally. In a private conversation Abbot Archimandrite Nektariy shared that he doesn’t know how he will go on.

This case is a matter of life and death. Both for Fr. Nektariy and the ROCOR mission he heads in Mexico City.

"I am completely ruined..." - a story from Jacmel - 10/18/16

Reader Urbain’s motto in life has always been: “Just as you want men to do to you, you also do to them likewise” (Luke 6:31). Since he became Orthodox in 2001, he has devoted his life to the Lord, His Church, and his family. Urbain and his wife raise two of his nephews in addition to their own two daughters, tithe to their parish in Jacmel, and share with those less fortunate than them.


"The hurricane took our hope..." - Joel from Jacmel - 10/21/16

My name is Joel Derolus. Hurricane Matthew took everything we owned. The house where I lived with my family (my two sisters and my widow mother) is seriously damaged.

Each one of our stories starts with prayer – for you - who make it possible - 11/17/16

Our beneficiaries tell us - sometimes with tears in their eyes - how grateful they are to you – who daily turn their lives around. Because very often without you, there wouldn’t have been anybody there to help them.



See how many people are grateful to you - 11/18/16

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Kosovo: Your loving-kindness in action - 11/18/16

The plight of our Orthodox brothers and sisters isn’t limited to desecration of historic churches and cemeteries. Daily in Kosovo, chickens and cows are being stolen. A barn full of hay for the livestock the Serbs have been collecting for two years was burned down by Muslims.

Chile: A Journey of hope for Fr Alexei - 11/18/16

A few months ago we were terrified to hear that Fr Alexei Aedo Villugron of the ROCOR mission in Chile was in a very difficult financial situation. He couldn’t even pay for heating and water during the winter months in South America.

A treat for you = help for the Church! - 11/22/16

Treat yourself to unique products with a true Russian rustic feel and support your Church at the same time!

In the lead up to Giving Tuesday (29 November), Dacha Designs is kicking off its charity drive.  20% of your purchases will be donated to the Fund for Assistance to the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia (FFA).  This drive will last until Monday 28 November 11:59PM PST.  On Giving Tuesday, they will submit all funds raised to the FFA. 


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