Will You Help "Baby ROCOR"?

Hi, my name is “Baby ROCOR.” I’m 11 months old.


You don’t know it, but you saved my life by giving me my papa when I needed him most.


After I was born, my mama got really sick. It was really scary because I didn’t get to see her for the first month of my life. But you made it possible for my papa to take care of me while mama was sick.


Your gift to the Fund for Assistance to ROCOR – specifically to the clergy fund – was used to help my papa take time off from work.


I wish that I could thank you personally for this, because this was the best first birthday gift ever. You helped me at the time when I needed you most. 


If you have never donated to the FFA clergy fund, I’m asking you to do so right now.


Why? Because the FFA is the only insurance policy that most ROCOR clergy like my papa can afford. They also – unlike insurance agencies - don’t charge the clergy anything.


You might be asking yourself: “how exactly is the FFA an insurance policy for clergy?” Because when you donate to the FFA, you provide financial relief to clergy and their families in all types of emergencies, such as:

  • Unemployment
  • Medical bills
  • Moving expenses
  • Funeral costs
  • Health insurance stipends
  • and so much more!


My family can’t afford our own insurance yet. That’s why my papa works two jobs besides being a priest. Everything that he makes from his second job goes to pay for medical expenses.


But when I was born and my mama couldn’t hold me or see me, I didn’t need health insurance. I needed my papa and you gave him to me.


Do you have any idea how scary the world can be when you’re just a few hours old and you can’t see your mama?


That’s why I need your help today. Will you make another donation to the clergy fund? Will you make sure that every papa priest is there for his family when they need him most? He is always there for his parishioners, but we need him, too!


I know that my papa is always going to have to work two jobs during the week just so that he can provide for us and still be a priest. He says “that’s just the way things are in ROCOR.”


But in those first few weeks of my life, I couldn’t help but be selfish. I wanted my papa more than anything in the world. And you helped me.


You allowed him to stop worrying about paying our bills, just so he could hold me when I cried, feed me when I was hungry, and change my stinky diapers.


That’s what happens when you donate to the FFA clergy fund. You give little girls like me their papas back.


I hope that you will make another donation after you read my letter. It’s the only way that I can help my papa. Now that mama is all better, he’s back at work. But he’s now working three extra jobs instead of two.


That’s because he wants to return all the money that you gave him back to the FFA. He says: “now that everyone is better in our family, we need to help other priests who are in need.” I think this is what makes ROCOR clergy so special, don’t you agree?


I don’t have any money of my own yet. I don’t even really know what money is. All I know is that when you give money to the FFA, you make little girls’ dreams come true. Will you help another little girl or boy have their papa when they need him most? If you do, please take out your pen and write out a check right now.


I know that you care. I know that you are one of the people who truly understands why I needed my papa so badly. If a priest is worried about his family’s survival, he cannot be there for others. At least not to the degree someone might need him. I know you understand this. This is why I don’t mind sharing my papa with you.


You understand how important it is for every priest to keep his family safe and healthy. Because even though he’s a priest, he’s also a human being. He needs the same things you and I need.


Can you imagine what would have happened to me if my papa were not there when I needed him most? I would have ended up in foster care or in some scary room at the hospital without my mama.


If they tell you little babies don’t care because we’re too young to understand – refer them to me! I am a baby and I know I was terrified! But because you gave to the FFA, you helped me!


You were able to turn my nightmare into a dream come true. But I’m just one baby out of hundreds. There are over 700 clergymen in ROCOR, and most of them work very long hours just so they can keep serving wonderful people like you.


If you stop supporting the clergy fund, then our priests will have nowhere to turn when disaster strikes. I get scared just thinking about all the other little babies in ROCOR. What will happen to them if they start to cry and their papa isn’t there to hold them and tell them: “It’s going to be OK”?


Will you help me make sure that this never happens in ROCOR?


Please make a generous gift today to show other kids like me that you won’t leave them without their papa. If you cannot give anything, please pray for my papa and all of our ROCOR priests. Because papa and I – we just can’t do without your prayers.

Thank you!


“Baby ROCOR”

P.S.: Have you ever seen a priest cry? Many of our parishioners have seen my papa cry when he serves. But a few weeks ago he sat at his computer and cried like he’s never cried before in his life. Mama kept asking: “what’s wrong?” But all he could say was: “you just need to watch this.” Apparently there are new videos at youtube.com/fund4assistance that actually show you what is inside the heart of a priest. I’m not kidding!


P.P.S.:  If you want to make sure that your donation is put to work right away, CLICK HERE make an online donation today. This is the fastest way for you to make sure that every priest can be there for his family.

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