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Fund For Assistance
To The Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia

Please, indicate which of your favorite FFA causes you wish to support.

In the past few months generous people like you have:


·      Bought a van for orphans and schoolgirls in Bethany

·      Clothed and fed Orthodox children in Haiti & Pakistan

·      Provided food and blankets for earthquake victims in Mexico

·      Sent children to an Orthodox youth conference to help preserve their faith

·      Helped equip a priest for 21-century spiritual battles by sending him to do his Master of Divinity program at the Holy Trinity Monastery


This has been possible only thanks to YOU, and your astounding generosity!!!


You shared your hard-earned money because someone you’ve never met before asked you to help our Church. And for that, I, and all those you have helped, are forever grateful.


We may not have met, but I, and all FFA members are so grateful to you! Thank you for fighting the good fight for our Church!



I am also writing to humbly say: we cannot do without you.


This is why I am once again asking you to give a generous year-end donation today.


Year-end gifts from kind friends like you make an amazing difference for many Church members.


A year-end tax-deductible gift helps us support the most vulnerable members of our Church the moment they need help.


For example, recently, thanks to the help of tender-hearted people like you, when Grescent, the second daughter of Fr Aleksander in Bali was in terrible pain and needed an urgent dental procedure, I was able to send $150 them immediately.


You and other kind people have allowed me to do this. She is no longer in pain thanks to you!


So, please, take out your pen and write out a check to the Fund for Assistance now. Or donate securely with your credit card through PayPal here.


As always, I give you my word that your generous year-end gift will directly help numerous members of our Church.



When you send a donation to vulnerable members of our Church today, you will experience that warm glow of knowing that you have brought comfort to your brothers and sisters in Christ. But you already know that because you are a generous person!


Thank you again so much. Please give your year-end tax-deductible gift today, so that our Church can receive all the care She needs immediately in 2019.


With love for your kind heart,


Mark Selawry
FFA president


P.S. I hope you enjoy one of my favorite quotes is from St Gregory Palamas:

“You give out of what you possess as a man... But you receive in return a hundredfold from the inexhaustible divine treasures…”


P.P.S. Your year-end gift  would be a gift of hope to the most vulnerable members of our Church. When you give generously, as you always have, our Lord will reciprocate with a hundredfold for your kindness and love.

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