Mary Grace: CT Scan results are in!
Mary Grace: CT Scan results are in!
Mary Grace is getting treatment thanks to you!
Mary Grace is getting treatment thanks to you!
Mary Grace is getting treatment thanks to you!

I just got an email from Fr Aleksander about Mary Grace.

 Here it is: "I let you know that on Monday 23rd April at 19:00 Mary Grace has been undergoing CT Scan at the Hospital in Singaraja Bali.

The result is a true collision in the left side of her head when the accident in February, no visible bleeding in the inner brain, but there is inner injury (traumatic) in the left side of her head, the point of a hard collision...


Then according to doctors it’s not dangerous, however she must undergo treatment several 1-2 months ahead, then will be check up again for her developments. Her treatments will be taken from home to hospital.  

We are very grateful for your prayers through the intercession of St. Pantheleimon.
Our warm greetings from Bali to your beloved family and your staff.

Love in Christ


Fr Aleksander



Collection Results - $7K! - Thank you! 


Thanks to your kindness, we have collected $7K for the family and mission. May God bless you for your generosity!

Not only will the family be able to pay for the CT Scan, but also keep treating Mary Grace and fix two teeth broken in the accident.

Here's what Fr Aleksander wrote:

"With all humility we extend a lot of gratitude for the news that really strengthens us. This is a miracle of God. God is love; in fact God has shown love and kindness through you. In a short time you can raise funds that are so much. Last night our family prayed and thanked God and remembered your kindness and the benefactors."

This would have been impossible without your kind-heartedness. Thank you so much!

Your friend,

Mark Selawry

FFA President


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