A young girl's life might be at stake
A young girl's life might be at stake
Fr Aleksander's daughter needs treatment now. Please help.
Fr Aleksander's daughter needs treatment now. Please help.
Fr Aleksander's daughter needs treatment now. Please help.

April 19, 2018

Today I got some disturbing news from the ROCOR mission in Bali, Indonesia. 

A young girl – a ROCOR priest’s daughter - is suffering a serious medical emergency. I pray you can help her now

If you are subscribed to our Facebook updates, you may have seen that a few weeks ago thanks to your kindness, we’ve been able to help the priest Fr Aleksander Kobesi pay for the medical treatment of his young daughter, Mary Grace. 

Here’s what happened. Sixteen y.o. Mary Grace was driving home from school on her moped and there was an accident… She hit her head hard on the asphalt, and seriously hurt her face, one foot, and hand.


As far as I understand, in Indonesia you do not get treated if you can’t pay for it.


Matushka Viktoria and Father frantically ran around asking friends and neighbors for financial help. When they collected enough money, they had Mary Grace treated. She had stitches, and stayed at the hospital for three days.


Thanks to your generosity, we’ve been able to help Fr Aleksander repay the loan to his friends.


But two months after the accident, Mary Grace developed a big bump on her head. She often becomes nauseated and dizzy…


Fr Aleksander doesn’t have the money to send her in for a CT Scan.

This is terrible! I’ve spoken to a doctor and a nurse. This is what they have told me:


“Mary Grace is in urgent need of a CT scan to check for any kind of post traumatic bleeding on her brain, which is a life threatening situation, and can be treated if detected early and save her young life.”


“It is urgent to help her because if treatment is delayed, there are unknown dangers to her brain that will hinder her development and could cause serious problems, including paralysis, speech problems, difficulty eating, swallowing etc.”


We only need to collect $450!  Please help today!


Any surplus will go to help the family and this tiny but growing mission.


Thank you!


P.S. Please, don’t wait. A young girl’s life might be at stake.

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