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Fund for Assistance
To The Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia
Prince Vladimir Galitzine with his wife Tatiana.
Prince Vladimir Galitzine with his wife Tatiana.
Prince Vladimir Galitzine with his wife Tatiana.

On February 22nd, 2018, following a prolonged illness, Prince Vladimir Kirillovich Galitzine reposed in the Lord. Vladimir Kirillovich served as long time FFA president, as well as warden of the Synodal Cathedral of the Sign in New York for 38 years.

Born in Belgrade in 1942, he and his family found their way to Germany as refugees in the same year. In 1951, the Galitzines moved to New York, where Vladimir Kirillovich worked for many years in the Bank of America’s international division.

Prince Vladimir Kirillovich, or “Mickey” as his close friends knew him, ardently loved his Russian Orthodox Church Abroad, her hierarchs, pastors, and faithful children.

Regardless of his descent from one of the most ancient noble lines of the Russian Empire, Vladimir Kirillovich was set apart by his modesty and genuinely aristocratic regard for every person.

Vladimir Kirillovich served as the first president of the Fund for Assistance after it was reformed in 2008. His activities in the Fund for Assistance were motivated by his love for the Church and a warm wish to help Her suffering members.

Prince V.K. Galitzine was laid to rest on Monday, February 26th in the cemetery of Novo-Diveevo Convent (Spring Valley, NY).

The Board and staff of the Fund for Assistance is grateful to Vladimir Kirillovich for his years of faithful service, wisdom and guidance, especially at the very beginning of the FFA's new path. We will all pray for the newly-reposed servant of God Vladimir.

Our deepest condolences to Vladimir's widow Tatiana, as well as his family. Memory Eternal! 

Please donate to FFA in memory of Vladimir to support ROCOR.


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