Kosovo: Your loving-kindness in action
Kosovo: Your loving-kindness in action

November 18, 2016


The plight of our Orthodox brothers and sisters isn’t limited to desecration of historic churches and cemeteries. Daily in Kosovo, chickens and cows are being stolen. A barn full of hay for the livestock the Serbs have been collecting for two years was burned down by Muslims. No chickens, no cows, and now sadly enough - no hay for the remaining animals!

Needless to say, Orthodox Serbs fast during Great Lent.  But this year it looked like half-starvation would continue past Pascha.

But then you came in.

We knew that when we sent out an e-appeal last spring to save our Serbian brothers and sisters in Kosovo, you would feel as strongly as we did, remembering that ROCOR owes its very existence to the Serbian Orthodox Church.

 And weren’t you simply amazing! Thanks to your unbelievable kindness, we have collected nearly $30K for our Serbian brothers in Kosovo.

 All those in need have received what they needed: some got livestock, some – firewood, others a refrigerator or tractor. All thanks to you!

Prayers for you now sound in Serbia, as well as in many other countries. And we are so grateful for your help!

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