Each one of our stories starts with prayer – for you - who make it possible
Each one of our stories starts with prayer – for you - who make it possible
A Letter from FFA President

November 17, 2016


Dear friend, 


Our beneficiaries tell us  - sometimes with tears in their eyes - how grateful they are to you – who daily turn their lives around. Because very often without you, there wouldn’t have been anybody there to help them.  


Today, I want to share something amazing. One of the priests you so generously supported last year wrote to tell me that he prays for you at every single Liturgy he serves, and will continue to do so until his dying day. 


This is the type of gratitude that you so richly deserve. And I wanted to let you know that you have it – from all of us here at FFA  - the beneficiaries, and the staff. 


We love and appreciate you, and pray for your health and salvation. 


Our one wish is that we could someday meet you and give you a big hug for all the amazing things you have done for our Church. 


Thank you, thank you, thank you! And may the Lord save you!


Mark Selawry
FFA President


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