Why Do We Give? - the Mitey Mites
Why Do We Give? - the Mitey Mites

A small parish in McKinney, TX is training its youngest generation in alms-giving.

A few years ago, members of the St Nicholas parish were discussing ways to teach kids about sharing; eventually resulting in a delightful weekly tradition called “The Mitey Mites"; an initiative that has supported various FFA causes through raising funds over the years, including the Orthodox Mission in Haiti, Holy Cross Hermitage (Wayne, WV), Holy Trinity Monastery (Jordanvile, NY), the clergy fund and more.

The name comes from the story of the poor widow who could only give two mites (the smallest coin in Israel at the time), while the rich gave large sums, and yet our Lord Jesus Christ said that she gave the most out of all.

Fr. Seraphim Holland, rector of the parish, asked parishioners to save their pocket change throughout the week to contribute to a weekly collection for specific needs and missions. 

“It is very "Mitey," says Fr. Seraphim. “The money collected is usually near a hundred dollars. All the children bring their folded and mutilated bills (they can be very creative) and coins, and are very excited to plop them noisily into the bowl.”

Every dollar donated goes directly to the cause specified. We are always impressed by FFA's responsiveness, organization, and stewardship. It is one of the best ways that we can contribute to the needs of our brothers and sisters in Christ.

FFA: What do you wish others knew about FFA?

Fr. Seraphim: FFA needs your support and will be a good steward of your hard-earned money. They will help you to help those who need your help. We often feel more confident that our "widow's mite" is helping something that we truly believe in without reservation.

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