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Fund for Assistance
To The Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia

Your compassion allowed a priest to continue serving his church.

The situation at the Holy Resurrection Cathedral in Buenos Aires was sad, but simple: if they couldn’t find the funds to support their priest, who doesn’t have a work permit in Argentina, he would have to leave the country. Because even priests cannot feed their families without an income.

We asked you for help, and you rose marvelously to the occasion. We hoped to raise $36,000 to enable Fr. Sergio Silva to stay in Buenos Aires and serve the parish full-time. Thanks to your compassion, we have already collected $24,000!

Just a little bit more, and with your help, the parish will have funds to support their priest for a full year! If you haven’t yet given, please help! Fr. Sergio prays for each donor who helped him by name at all Liturgies he serves.

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