Matushka Ann wants to thank you!
Matushka Ann wants to thank you!
Thank you for helping the Lardas family!
Thank you for helping the Lardas family!
Thank you for helping the Lardas family!

When a priest’s family struggles financially, simple things become complicated.

Do you show a changing mole to a doctor, or do you hope for the best?

Do you let your children play sports?

When you have a wound, do you go to the emergency room? Or do you wait?

Because you donated to the FFA, my family did not have to ask these questions.


Dear friend,


We would have been lost without you…

I’m writing to you today to thank you personally for everything you’ve done for my family by donating to the Fund for Assistance.

Thanks to you, my family had health insurance for several years. And we are so grateful!

I can’t tell how much your support has meant to us.

My name is Ann Lardas.

 I am a writer, a mother, a wife, a mother of four, and a matushka. Like most Russian Orthodox parishes, our church is not in a financial position to provide my husband Fr. George with a living salary or health insurance.

As with most ROCOR priests, Fr. George’s secular job has always taken a back seat to his vocation. Unfortunately, that means that he couldn’t keep a full-time job with health insurance, vacation, and benefits.

Employers don’t take kindly to their staff taking regular time off for services, visiting the sick, serving panihidas, weddings, etc….

Needless to say, it has created a lot of difficulties for us over the years.

For years we couldn’t afford health insurance. But because you donated to the Fund for Assistance, we had coverage for two years!

So when Fr. George needed hearing aids, your donation helped. Doctors monitored his blood sugar and heart rate. Our children could play sports, shovel snow, and play normally….

Thank you!

Today I’m writing to you to say how important your gift is to those who have benefited from FFA’s help.

Although the clergy insurance program has been closed, FFA has so many other exciting programs!

And I’m asking you to – please – donate to the FFA today.

There’s so much at stake!

When you give to the Fund for Assistance, you help a priest go about his essential and salvific work with peace of mind…This makes you a participant, with him as he confesses and communes the dying, names the newborn, baptizes babies…

We would have been lost without you… and without the help from the Fund for Assistance.

When you contribute, you give the gift of hope.

Please be generous and donate today, so the Fund for Assistance can help even more people!

Matushka Ann Lardas
FFA client, donor

P.S. Please find it in your heart to give. 100% of your donation will go to the cause you indicate. FFA does not take commission.


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