Help a priest pay for emergency dental work
Help a priest pay for emergency dental work
Fr Oleg Yarovoy needs help
Fr Oleg Yarovoy needs help
Fr Oleg Yarovoy needs help



Fr Oleg Yarovoy (Holy Royal Martyrs Church in Sparks, NV) gets a small salary from his parish - it's enough for the bare necessities of his family. But there isn’t anything for emergencies.

He was getting along, but then one day he got a toothache.

It wasn’t too bad at first, and he could get by with pain killers. But it was getting worse and worse. He suffered courageously for a month.

If you’ve ever had a toothache, you know that you’d pay any money to stop it. And if you haven’t had a toothache… well, just trust me on this one.

Fr. Oleg is from Russia and doesn’t yet have a work permit in the United States (except his parish), so he couldn’t make the money to pay the dentist.

So, although Fr Oleg didn’t have any money to spend on the luxury of removing an aching tooth, he went to the dentist. Good thing, too, because it turned out that he had a dangerous infection. A little longer and he could have had much worse problems than constant pain and not sleeping for a month.

He now owes $3000 that he has to pay off soon. Because he is poor, he had to take out a special credit line to pay for the surgery. If he doesn’t make it before the end of the year, they will pull the rest of his teeth out he will have to pay a very high interest rate. $3000 will eventually turn into $10,000…

Too many members of our clergy quitely live in need. For Fr Oleg's family even $1,000 is an enormous sum.  He is the only provider for his family of three, and there is nobody else he can turn to. If you don't help him, his family will suffer under the burden of an unmanagable debt load for years to come.

Because you care for the welfare of our clergy (and their teeth!), I’m asking you to please help Fr Oleg pay for his surgery.

If you donate $35 or more, we will be able to collect enough to pay off Fr Oleg's debt!


Please donate now to help Fr Oleg and clergy in need like him!

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