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Fund for Assistance
To The Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia
Archpriest Alexei Ohotin
Archpriest Alexei Ohotin
Archpriest Alexei Ohotin

"In 2013, my husband of 53 years, Archpriest Alexei Ohotin, died of cancer.

Thanks to the Fund for Assistance, he was able to die in peace, free of worry.  He knew that his family would not be burdened with his astronomical medical bills.

If you are or ever have been a donor to the Fund for Assistance, I would like to offer my deepest thanks for your contribution to my husband’s peace of mind in his last hours ...

…and ask you to please consider giving a gift today!   

I have since heard that FFA is in great financial need to continue their holy work.   
I therefore ask that, if you haven't yet made FFA one of your charities, to please consider doing so today.  
Without FFA’s help, my batyushka and I, and many other priests and their families, would be in desperate situations.   Without the Fund for Assistance, many priests and their families would have nowhere else to turn.
If you believe in the future of our Church as much as I do, please follow your heart and give with as much generosity as you can manage.   The priests and their families, as I am, will be humbly, greatly and deeply appreciative.  

Yours in Christ,

matushka Tamara Ohotin"

Please donate today!

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