“Your support allowed me to finish seminary,” – reader Anthony Williams
“Your support allowed me to finish seminary,” – Rd. Anthony Williams

January 14, 2014

New York - "I had always known that a secular career was not what I wanted. Although I enjoyed my studies, my main interest was always the Church: the services, the Church’s history, Holy Scripture, church music, Church-Slavonic, etc. I always planned to serve the Church in some capacity when I grew up. Taking my father’s advice, I enrolled at Holy Trinity Seminary in Jordanville when I was 17. There I continued my study of Russian and familiarized myself with Dogmatic Theology, History, Pastoral Theology, Patrology, and much more. I also met many wonderful people there, with whom I hope to remain in touch for the rest of my life, even if service to the Church takes us far apart.


Rd. Anthony Williams with his wife
Rd. Anthony Williams with his wife
Rd. Anthony Williams with his wife

Although the seminary’s tuition is fairly inexpensive – especially compared to that of other universities – it was still beyond my means. The monastery is situated in a very small town, where it is hard to find work; and besides that, the seminarians are expected to take part in the life of the monastery, which is very full; so it is practically impossible to work a secular job and study at the same time. There were times when I wondered whether I would be able to continue my studies.

Glory to God, I and several other seminarians received help from the FFA. I graduated this year free of debt, which allowed me to save money for my wedding in July. 

Today my wife and I live in Pennsylvania, where I serve at as small parish as a reader and occasionally as choir director. 
I would like to thank the FFA with all my heart for their help to me during my seminary studies.

Reader Anthony Williams"

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