Why I donated in Kirill's memory
Why I donated in Kirill's memory

Like hundreds in the Russian Orthodox community in New York, I was horrified to read about the tragic death of 3 year old Kirill.  His father threw him off a high rise, and then jumped himself. Like all my friends, I pray for him and his mother Svetlana. We've neve met, but I, too, have a 3 year old boy, and I cannot imagine what emotional trauma she is experiencing. I also gave a $100 in memory of little Kirill to the Fund for Assistance. Why did I choose to donate to FFA and not to St Jude’s Hospital, where Svetlana created a fund in his name?

You could say, it’s because I work here and, therefore, I’m biased. Maybe. But I’m mostly biased in favor of the Russian Orthodox Church. I work at FFA because I want to help our Church in the three areas we target: Clergy, Emergency Relief and Youth.
Sadly, over the years, our least successful campaign has always been Youth. There are three St Herman’s youth conferences going on right now - we sponsored all of them.  And, as far too usually, we had to dip into our general fund, which we use to help an extraordinary case or to cover the Fund’s expenses.
What happened to that innocent little boy made me think again, with pain, how important it is for young people to have strong moral values and a strong Church community, so they know where to turn to when they are lost, sad or angry; so they know how to deal with life’s difficulties; how to not let difficulties overwhelm them, and how to not hurt their children. Every year, we sponsor hundreds of youths at different Orthodox events in an effort to centralize their life around our Church. For this we often use the funds we collected for a “rainy day,” because we are in danger of losing our youth to the world – and they are in danger of losing their precious faith and heritage! Isn’t it time we ensured the future of our Church? Please, join me and donate to help our youth. They are our future. We are responsible for them.

The Fund for Assistance does not take commission. 100% of all donations directly fund the cause indicated by the donor.

Alena Plavsic
Development Manager - Fund for Assistance to ROCOR


Please donate to the Fund for Assistance in memory of Kirill!


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