How your support changed one deacon's life
How your support changed one deacon's life
Deacon Peter Markevich with his family.
Deacon Peter Markevich with his family.
Deacon Peter Markevich with his family.

Your support this year meant the world to us! We are so thankful for your generosity and wanted to share how the help of donors like you changed the lives of members of our Church this year.

Seminarian Peter Markevich, for example, found it impossible to continue his studies at Holy Trinity Seminary on top of supporting a wife and child. Markevich was one of many seminarians, who were unable to pay for their education.

As you know, Jordanville is a small town with a population of less than 1,000 in rural upstate New York. It’s a perfect, remote, place for a monastery, but presents some challenges for seminarians, who need to make ends meet. Considering the few employment opportunities and the monastery’s rigorous schedule, it is extremely difficult to work one's way through seminary.  
Eager to support our Church’s future clergy, the Fund for Assistance provided a scholarship to struggling seminarians.

“This support allowed me to graduate with a manageable debt of under $1000, which I will be able to pay off slowly as I transition to full-time work in the bookstore,” wrote Markevich.

In May 2013, Markevich became a deacon. He continues to serve at Holy Trinity Monastery, works in the monastery bookstore and began teaching Practical Liturgics at the seminary this Fall.

 “I hope to continue to serve the Church for my whole life,” he wrote to the FFA.

A little help was all that Markevich needed to prevent him from abandoning his studies and pursuing secular employment. And we were able to help him thanks to generous people like you! Please stay in touch – there is so much more we can do together to help our Church retain and grow a new generation of talented members!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!
Fund for Assistance to ROCOR team

Please donate today so we can continue to serve our Church together!

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