"Jordanville monastery’s troubles may be quickly eliminated" – Experiences of a Humble Parish
"Jordanville monastery’s troubles may be quickly eliminated"
Experiences of a Humble Parish
Columbia, SC - When our parish sisterhood heard of the seemingly insurmountable troubles besetting the Holy Trinity Monastery by the NY EPA, we began to consider putting together a quick yard sale to see if we could help. Being a small, financially struggling church in the Protestant South, our fundraisers must inevitably be for our own church's upkeep, flowers, or children's programs. (St. Elizabeth the New Martyr Church - Columbia, SC) This time we were excited and honored to do something for this historic and important monastery in our Diocese.

 Since our yard sale was a spontaneous event, we weren't expecting much response. Our sisterhood has had only one similar sale since moving to our new location two years ago, and it was a big disappointment, raising only $75 after several weeks’ planning and a full day of work, in addition to having to haul away several loads of the unsold items.

But this time, all it required was a Facebook post, an ad on Craigslist, and a dozen bold, neon signs to get people interested in our project. We had family members offering us items to sell, and even a Baptist friend offering to make fudge and shortbread to turn our yard sale also into a bake sale!

Moreover, knowing that the Fund for Assistance was going to match our donations, it seemed to take the pressure off our agreeing to sell items worth quite a bit more than what someone offered to pay. We would agree to the lower price, knowing what we did earn was going to be doubled by the FFA. When we talked of the plight of the monastery, some customers would quit haggling, while others would just tell us to keep the change.

At the end of the day Saturday we had earned $218. Since we had some of our fudge and cheese straws left over, Fr Mark (the parish rector – ed.), suggested selling them at trapeza on Sunday with our goal being a final donation of $250. We surpassed even that, earning an additional $42, making our final donation to the monastery, $260. This amount being matched by the FFA, was so much more than we ever imagined we could donate.

Again, it was an honor for us with such little effort to be able to raise such an amount for the monastery. If it is within the ability of other churches to organize similar fundraising events, remembering the adage, "one man's trash is another man's treasure," the monastery’s troubles may be quickly eliminated.

Sisterhood of the Myrrhbearing Women
St Elizabeth the New-Martyr Church
Columbia, SC
Donate to help Holy Trinity Monastery in Jordanville!
The Fund for Assistance is so convinced of the need to ensure the survival of the Holy Trinity Monastery that we will match every dollar you contribute through the end of December, 2012+.

Please donate now by sending a check to the Fund for Assistance at: 75 East 93rd Street New York, NY 10128 USA; or, even more quickly, by clicking here.

*The first $50,000 of contributions will be matched.
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