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Fr.Sergei and matushka Elizabeth Sveshnikov.
Fr.Sergei and matushka Elizabeth Sveshnikov.
Fr.Sergei and matushka Elizabeth Sveshnikov.
September 13, 2011

New York – In May of this year, the Fund for Assistance announced that it would be raising funds for Matushka Elizabeth Sveshnikov, wife of Fr. Sergei Sveshnikov in Oregon. Matushka had been suffering from avascular necrosis for several years, and the femoral head of her thigh bone was beginning to disintegrate. Matushka urgently needed to undergo surgery, or else she would wind up disabled at only 35 years of age.

Within several weeks, thanks to the generosity of our donors, we collected more than we needed. The operation was successful, and Matushka is out of danger. In his letter below, Fr. Sergei thanks all those who helped him and his wife get through this difficult trial.

Fr. Sergei commemorates all those who donated in his prayers.

"Dear FFA staff and Donors,
I am extremely grateful for your generous contributions made via the FFA to help with my wife's surgery expenses. With your support, she was able to get the medical procedures needed, which otherwise we would not be able to afford. As it turns out, we received more money than was required. I have therefore returned the remainder to the FFA, and have asked them to direct this towards support for other clergy in need.  May God bless your kindness and generosity!
In Christ,

Fr.Sergei Sveshnikov"

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