FFA gives $5,000 to an ailing priest in Moscow
FFA gives $5,000 to an ailing priest in Moscow
July 8, 2011

New York - Recently the FFA granted $5,000 to an ailing young priest in Moscow, Russia. The 34-year old clergyman is a world-renowned liturgist and, until recently, was a very active priest. Until diagnosed with sarcoidosis, a chronic lung disease, he worked several jobs to support his young family of four, and still found time to do research projects in the field of Liturgics, publish articles, and serve, as well as participate in various church projects.

The illness, which is accompanied by chronic fatigue, sharp joint pain, weight loss, and a constant dry cough, now prevents him from working.  The medicine for sarcoidosis is not supposed to be taken for long periods of time, as it is harmful to the patient’s overall health. This type of illness either goes away on its own, or is fatal.  At the moment he is at home and hopes for God’s mercy. His matushka takes care of their three small children and is not able to work. Their financial situation is dire.

The Fund for Assistance decided to grant the young priest and his family $5,000.

 “The disease left me without a chance to do my usual jobs (my main income comes from book editing and publishing) for a few months," wrote the priest. “So my family - we have three small children - began to experience some serious complications. But now these are solved, thanks to the Fund's support. I express my deepest gratitude again, and I pray to God to bestow His blessings on the Fund's ministry.”

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