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To The Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia
Here is an excerpt from an email by Fr. Sergi: "My wife has had avascular necrosis for a few years, but no medical insurance (the proverbial pre-existing condition).  The bone has actually begun to crumble, so things were getting bad.  Thanks to Obama, however, my wife qualified this spring for a high-risk pool plan that had recently been organized.  It is not free--$414 a month--but the idea was that it would cover the surgery.  Now it turns out that while one part of Obamacare (the high-risk pools) is up and running, some other part is not--the hospitals take it, but they are not satisfied with the payment, and so send an additional bill.  So, it looks like we will have pretty large medical bills.

I can provide an update when there is more information, but I really did not expect this situation to become public.  For me personally, things are difficult, but there are far worthier recipients of your donations: people in Haiti, Japan, and many other devastated places.  I will gladly accept prayers, however--lots of them!"


Please pray for matushka's health.  May God grant them strength to get thru this difficult time.

Let us ALL do what we can to help this young energetic priest and his wife.

Donate to help Fr. Sergi and matushka Elizabeth Sveshnikov here.
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