Clergy Assistance 2011
Clergy Assistance 2011
May 10, 2011

One of the most important goals of the Fund for Assistance is to assist ROCOR clergy in need.  Recently many clergymen have suffered materially on the back of the global recession, and FFA has stepped up its efforts to provide for our priests.  Reporting on clergy assistance is challenging, as many of our suffering priests do not want to advertise their troubles.  Below is a summary of the assistance FFA has provided to ROCOR clergy this year.

In 2011 FFA
  • Assisted 10 clergymen to attend the pastoral conference in Washington, DC, by paying for their registration fees.
  • Sent $5,000 to a widow of a priest to help pay for his funeral.
  • Assisted a needy priest in the New York area by sending him $2,000 for Easter.
  • Granted $5,000 to Fr. Gregory Joyce for the completion of his doctoral project on the comparison of the two branches of the Russian Orthodox Church that reconciled in 2007.
  • Granted $10,000 to the Pastoral School of Chicago for this year for stipends and scholarships (5 scholarships & 2 stipends).  
  • Sent $2,000 to Fr. Christopher Walusimbi (Uganda) to allow the mission to buy a boat - the only means of transportation to and from the mission's home on Bukasa Island. 
  • Granted $18,000 to Holy Trinity Seminary for a trip to Holy Land for 10 seminarians.
  • Granted $1,600 to Holy Trinity Seminary to allow 2 seminarians to travel to the Dominican Republic in order to assist the local priest.

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