Give the gift of Orthodoxy to a person in need of guidance!
Give the gift of Orthodoxy to a person in need of guidance!
Julianne Martinov
Julianne Martinov
Julianne Martinov
When Julianne Martinov, age 25, of Sydney, Australia was offered a chance to participate in a youth pilgrimage to Russia, her first reaction was: “I don’t want to.” Julianne grew up in an Orthodox family, and regularly attended church. But like many ROCOR youth in their late teens, she started wondering, what is the point of leading a life so radically different from that of her non-Orthodox peers. 

Three weeks spent in the company of 80 Orthodox young people during the Third Annual Orthodox Youth Fellowship in Russia this summer changed her life and her thinking.  Along with her new Orthodox friends from all over the world – Russia, USA, Canada, Australia, Venezuela – Julianne immersed herself into a pilgrim’s experience attending long monastic services, fulfilling obediences (special tasks to assist monasteries), participating in talks, venerating countless relics and icons, and leading an intense Orthodox spiritual life and learning to be part of a global Orthodox youth community.

“I am so grateful to have not only seen beautiful places but to have met the most wonderful people -- all with their own Godly uniqueness, all connected by the Orthodox faith.  To know that you can relate to people on the other side of the world and who will pray for you is a priceless gift,” – she said.

A powerful experience like this pilgrimage stays with a person all their life and can help them make critical life choices.  Enrich the spiritual lives of our Orthodox youth, and in so doing, secure the future of Orthodoxy! Please consider sponsoring the next youth conference – the 12th All-Diaspora Russian Orthodox Youth Conference which will be held this 1-8 July in Paris, France. 

Many come out of these conferences with a new appreciation and a deeper understanding of the Orthodox faith and a firmer commitment to the Church.  Any donation you are able to give will promote the future of the Russian Orthodox Church.

The Fund for Assistance has already pledged $50,000 from its general fund to sponsor the conference. 

Average ticket price from the U.S. to Paris: $1,000
Hotel stay in Paris (two weeks): $2,000 per person

The cost of the trip is high, but not involving our youth in Orthodox events can be devastating.

The total sum of money raised will be used to sponsor youth who would otherwise have no money to go to the conference and will pay for their ticket and stay in Paris during the conference.

Give the gift of Orthodoxy to a young person in need of guidance – donate any amount, and we will sponsor a young person to attend the next youth event. 

Thank You!

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