Hurricane Tomas: fate of Haitian Mission still unknown
Hurricane Tomas: fate of Haiti mission still unknown
Hurricane Tomas over Haiti, Cuba, Jamaica.<br/>Photo: Nasa
Hurricane Tomas over Haiti, Cuba, Jamaica.
Photo: Nasa
Hurricane Tomas over Haiti, Cuba, Jamaica.
Photo: Nasa
November 9, 2010

Phone lines and the Internet are still down in Haiti, as the country is recovering from the aftermath of raging storms caused by hurricane Tomas.  The hurricane, feared to have caused the greatest disaster in Haiti since the January 12th earthquake, passed along the coast of Haiti, causing floods, wind damage, and several casualties. 

Most of the flooding occurred in Leogane and Port-au-Prince – home to three parishes of ROCOR's Haitian mission.  Most mission members still live in tents.  Although their situation is unknown, Associated Press sources tell us that tent camps were not destroyed.

According to Archpriest Daniel McKenzie (Miami), head of the Orthodox Mission in Haiti, “Before the hurricane came, mission members gathered at Fr. Gregoire’s house with supplies” to weather the storm together.

It is currently impossible to reach members of the ROCOR mission in Haiti.

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