"This trip was very important for the youth in Russia..."
"This trip was very important for the youth in Russia..."
Faith and Deeds participant Alexandra Reilly
June, 7 2010

This trip to Russia was better than anything I ever could have expected. Before I even left for Moscow, I did not know too much about the trip other than what was listed on the itinerary. I think this was the best way for me to come on the trip because I had an open mind and an open heart.

This trip definitely stands out from any other one I have ever been on. I have been out of the country many times, even including a previous trip to Russia, however I have never felt such a sense of wholeness after any of these other trips. Other Orthodox gatherings I go to, such as camps and conferences help me connect on a deeper level with my faith. This trip to Russia did not only that, but also helped me connect my faith with my Russian heritage. The church I normally attend has mostly services in English and there are many converts. It is sometimes easy to forget how important the Russian culture is to Orthodoxy when one is constantly in this setting.

In my opinion, the most important thing that I learned on this trip was the importance of keeping Russian culture and traditions alive through Orthodoxy. It is not only important to be a good Orthodox Christian, it is also necessary to remember my Russian heritage. This idea is something I believe I can bring back to my parish, as well as many other parishes, and help spread.

I also believe that this trip was very important for the youth that we met in Russia. A lot of the youth that we met with were so surprised to hear what our Orthodox lives were like back in America. It was great for them to realize that there is a support system of youth almost all over the world. I think that communication with these youth in years to come will be such a huge part of integrating Orthodoxy.

Now I truly feel as though many aspects of my life have fallen into place. I am very comfortable and confident in not only my faith but also my heritage. I have a strong drive to work on my Russian speaking skills and become a more integrated member of my own parish. I hope I can help other youth of the ROCOR community feel the way that I feel after attending this trip to Moscow.
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