Friends and Family share memories of Yuri Schidlovsky
Friends and Family share memories of Yuri Schidlovsky
“He was one of the pillars of the Russian Diaspora; he was a great patriot, a very church going, and a true believer.  He was an exceptional, cheerful, responsible person, not even to mention his great honesty. When he became head of the Fund for Assistance, he gave over a hundred percent, thanks to him we got more members.  I remember he was always the last one to leave, he would answer every letter.  And it wasn’t just a formulaic letter, it always had heart.  He gave everything he could to the Fund. He put a lot of love into it and he worked constantly.  Everyone loved working with him.  It’s a great loss to the Russian Diaspora.”
Tatiana Speranskaya                                                             

“For Yura, the Fund was like another child.  He helped it grow, and thanks to him, the Fund became the only organization in the ROCOR known for its purity, accountability and transparency.  When someone sent us $5 for a nun in some monastery, they could be sure the money would go where it is supposed to.
    I ask all of you to continue your support to the Fund for Assistance just like you supported us during his time.  And we will do everything in our power to keep the transparency , and will always remember what he did for us.”
Prince Vladimir Galitzine

“My dad will serve as an example to all our children: he served the country, he served the church and he served his family.”   
George Schidlovsky Jr.     
"He was a confident man of settled convictions.  He was an idealist, and did everything he could for the Church.  After retiring he focused his efforts on the Fund for Assistance to ROCOR, because for him the Church was a living thing.”
Peter Fekula                   
“For many years Yuri Iliodorovich gave much love, much time, and much energy to the charitable committee of the Synod of Bishops of ROCOR (the Fund for Assistance to ROCOR – editorial note). The name of that committee in Russian is «благотворительный комитет». Charity is not just a theoretical concept.  “Благотворительность” literally means the “doing”of charity, the active engagement with creating charitable work. It’s a very vivid example of that love and charity that Yura had throughout his life. Our prayer for him is also a commitment to live in that same spirit of charity, of love, of faith in the Resurrection and of love for the neighbor.”
V. Rev. Leonid Kishkovsky

“He was a man of strong beliefs, decent and very hardworking.  You can trace these three qualities throughout all of his life.  Even when people sometimes disagreed with him, he was never a weathercock.  He lived according to his principles and convictions.”
Maria Jordan  
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