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New York, NY -A week after being hospitalized for kidney problems Igumen Nektariy abbot of Holy Trinity Monastery in Mexico City was well enough to leave the hospital Sunday, October 19, says schema monk Christophor.

Even though he is still hemorrhaging and is “extremely thin and week,” says Fr. Christophor, he served Liturgy and “lasted till the end.”

Fr. Nektariy still needs regular treatment; the recovery process is expected to last a long time.

Due to the aftermath of the swine flu epidemic earlier these years as well as numerous medical bills the monastery is struggling to improve their critical financial situation.  .

Earlier this year the FFA together with the Western American Diocese raised nearly $12,000 for the Monastery, which was used to pay rent on the monastery and bakery, fixing the monastery’s car, food, medicine, etc.  A part of the money was used to help some of the parishioners who lost their jobs to pay for medicine, rent and food.

To view the report from the monastery, please click here.

Please help us raise money for the Holy Trinity Monastery! 
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