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$1=$2 A Matching Drive for Fr Nektariy

Your gift will DOUBLE in Impact with Matching Funds! 

I’m writing to you because Fr Nektariy’s time is running out. 

I’m sure you remember Fr Nektariy from Mexico City. He founded the ROCOR mission in Mexico, saved dozens of women from sex traffickers. And he helps anyone who comes to him, because he sees Christ in everyone. In short: there’s nobody like him. That is why the mission keeps growing, and people flock to Fr Nektariy. 

I’ve always had a special place in my heart for him. And one of my biggest fears is that I’ll never get a chance to meet Fr Nektariy in person.  In all the years I’ve known him, he’s been burning both ends of the candle with frightening intensity for the sake of other people. And it’s only getting worse. 

Fr Nektariy isn’t asking you for help. But I know that you would love to transform his life.  And if you send a gift by March 30th, your donation will be matched dollar for dollar!

Whenever there was a choice between taking care of himself or others, Fr Nektariy has always put others ahead.

Fr Nektariy's (not so) Typical Day

Take a look at his typical day: 

To make money for the monastery rent, this monk, the leader of the deanery of Mexico, works 14 to 16-hour days at 3 different jobs 5 days a week.

Aside from his secular job(s) he has to fulfill all his priestly and monastic duties. He prays, does counseling, confessions, he visits the sick, answers calls, emails and texts… 

This comes down to around 21 hours a day - year-round. Fr Nektariy hasn’t had a day off in many years. Can you help him today?

If Fr Nektariy burns out or dies, the future of the ROCOR mission in Mexico looks grim. 

Sadly, the monastery is housed in a rented building.   To be able to pay rent and keep the missionary work going, Fr Nektariy takes on much, much more than anyone ever should. And it’s taking a toll. He’s had three surgeries in the last few months, but he hasn’t slowed down. 

Why would anyone live like this?

Why does he work so much? So that the monastery can keep their missionary work going. Yes, so that he earns enough money to help someone – anyone  - else. 

Could you - or anyone you know - endure a schedule like this and: 

a. Not burn out by Tuesday

b. Not die (how Fr Nektariy is still alive, I have no idea!)

c. Not leave forever and say: “Sorry, I have my own health and sanity to preserve?”

I know I couldn’t do this. And if you were doing it, I’d beg you to stop. The fact that Fr Nektariy is able to do it, tells me that God is really taking care of him. But I also am sure that in a case like this, God is presenting me with a beautiful opportunity to help. I hope you don’t miss this chance!

So, I am sure you’ve been reading this and thinking: how can I help Fr Nektariy carry on his missionary work without burning out? 

The only way you can help Fr Nektariy is to take off part of his burden. “Bear one another’s burdens and so fulfill the law of Christ” (Gal. 6:2). Are you ready to help him?

The only way to do that is by giving a donation so he can help the people he loves – everyone who comes to him for help. Because he sees Christ in every person he meets.

Your donation to help Fr Nektariy will be matched-dollar for dollar – if you give until March 30th, or until we collect the first $15,000!

Imagine how much good Fr Nektariy will be able to do with this money! Thanks to you, he will be able to continue helping people  and bringing them to Christ.

I’ve also extracted a promise from him that he will take some time for himself if we reach our goal. So, please, send your donation today! 

You have probably guessed that I absolutely love and believe in Fr Nektariy. And I hope you respond to this letter and to my desperate plea for help. 

Fr Nektariy does not spare himself. He never has. He doesn’t sleep, he doesn’t eat, he has no time to rest. He works around the clock. But he’s always smiling and peaceful. And people love him and want to be next to him. And so do I. Because what he radiates is Christ’s love. 

As somebody said, Fr Nektariy is on fire for Christ. And people want to warm themselves at this divine fire. The kind of fire that consumes Fr Nektariy is rare today. You can see glimpses of it when you read Everyday Saints or Father Arseny.

I’m not comparing Fr Nektariy to any of the people mentioned in those books. But I do think Fr Nektariy is our own ROCOR “everyday saint.”

It’s my responsibility to help someone who loves Christ so much. Won’t you join me? Wouldn’t you want to support someone like Fr Nektariy? 

Because what is the purpose of a monk? His ultimate purpose is to pray for the world. To paraphrase Elder Paisios the Athonite, when you’re surrounded by enemies, there’s at least one person on watch to protect the ones who are sleeping.  The people watching in the night are monks. It is by their prayers that the world still survives. This is what Fr Nektariy does for you. 

Would you like to help someone who spends his days and night praying to God and radiates divine love? 

When you get really tired – and who doesn’t? Please think: how exhausted is Fr Nektariy right now when he NEVER sleeps?! 

If you sit down to watch a show after a long day, take a moment to think: what is Fr Nektariy doing right now? Whom is he helping? Is he hurting from his many ailments?

I’m afraid I won’t get a chance to meet him. I’m afraid that by the time I make it to Mexico, he’ll have burned out like a candle. 

It’s not that Fr Nektariy is in any immediate danger. He hasn’t said anything to make me believe that. But you can only endure this kind of pressure for so long… And he’s been living like this for years.

If we collect a large enough sum, then Fr Nektariy can take it a little bit easier. So you, I, and anyone else who wants to meet this amazing person, can have a little more time to get to Mexico. 

I’m not trying to scare you. I’m just showing you what’s in my heart. Yes, after our last conversation I really am that worried about Fr Nektariy. 

I know you and a select group of other people will help him. 

So despite the fact that Fr Nektariy said: “We don’t need money for ourselves,” I’m asking you to help him personally. Yes, it’s wonderful that they do missionary work. Absolutely essential. Amazing, godly! 

But who is taking care of Fr Nektariy? Who?! On this Earth, there’s nobody aside from you and a small group of FFA donors who even stop and think about him long enough to write out a check. 

Will you join me in helping this amazing man who never asks for anything for himself? Will you join me in helping someone who, when asked: who are you? Says: “I am nothing…” 

Please give today as much as you can afford, be it $1,000,000, or $1,000, or even $10…  If you can’t, please know that Fr Nektariy can always use your holy prayers…

Please donate as much as you think will help Fr Nektariy. 

I will let him know that you did. 

          I am hoping to collect $80,000 by March 30th.  It sounds like a very large sum, but we have done it in the past, and I know we can again. Last time we collected enough to cover rent for 3 years!  

          There is hope. And Fr Nektariy’s hope is that God will send you to help him. Please, will you send your gift today?

With gratitude and much love for your kindliness, 



Alena Plavsic
FFA Development manager


P.S. Please don’t set this letter aside. You might be in time to help the missionary work, but not Fr Nektariy… Also, your gift will be matched only until March 30th, or until we reach the first $15,000. 

P.P.S. Thank you for caring so much!

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