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Holy Trinity Skete in Mexico City

The Holy Trinity Skete was founded in 2007 and swiftly became the spiritual heart of the Russian Diaspora, which serves the needs of local Russians, Serbs, Bulgarians, Moldavians and Mexicans. 

The monastery is headed by Schema Archimandrite Nektariy (Petropoulos) - a true pastor, who is laying down his life for his flock daily and hourly. He has been called "the hope of ROCOR in Mexico," "an historic figure," "a modern-day struggler," and even "a future saint," etc. This is all due to the loving care he surrounds everyone he meets.


The monastery is very active in the local community: it provides medical and psychological aid in Russian to alcoholics and drug addicts, domestic violence victims; provides legal assistance to Russian women in case of a divorce from their Mexican husbands and questions of child custody; assists the needy and the unemployed. During the aftermath of the series of earthquakes that hit Mexico in 2018, Fr Nektariy has been offering his services as a psychiatrist to the traumatized neighbors of the monastery. The brethren also shared their food and blankets with the locals.

Abbot Schema Archimandrite Fr Nektariy and the brethren do their very best to serve their Orthodox community and neighbors. As the monastery is very poor, the brethren work outside the monastery. Fr Nektariy is an extremely highly-educated man, who speaks several languages, and works as a psychiatrist, a GP, and even a surgeon.

Their service to the people of Mexico is only possible thanks to your kindness. Even though the brethren work multiple jobs, their community is almost always in need of help. The situation is made more difficult by the fact that they rent the monastery building, and the owners raise the prices by 200% regularly.


So far, the brethren have been unable to find a suitable building where they could move.


Take a look at how your kindness has helped this wonderful ROCOR mission survive and shine the light of Orthodoxy in Mexico!



A case of Life and Death - a short video about Fr Nektariy's service

My Faith is the only thing that has kept me alive - a video interview with Fr Nektariy to the FFA (2015), taken at a time when Fr Nektariy was working nearly 20 hours a day to suppotr the monastery.



"I will protect my parishioners no matter what" - Fr Nektariy on his love of his flock.

The hope of ROCOR in Mexico - Igumen Nektariy  - read this to find out why people are already calling him an historical figure.


If you would like to help the monastery and Fr Nektariy now, please give here:

Thank you for your support of this ROCOR gem!

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