I cannot imagine my life without my Orthodox friends
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I cannot imag"ine my life without my Orthodox friends"
Impressions of St. Herman's
January 8, 2010

I have been attending St. Herman’s Conference for the last four years and I cannot even begin to imagine what my life would be like without the Orthodox friends that I have made through the conference.  The opportunity to learn more about my faith, other Orthodox peers, and myself has served not only to strengthen my faith but create a sense of a larger family and community of Orthodox youth. 

Before I began attending St. Herman’s Conference I felt isolated in my parish and had little to no idea that there were other Orthodox youth who shared my faith.  St. Herman’s Conference has allowed me to meet so many people, that now I am constantly traveling to visit them because their friendships mean so much to me. 

The lectures at the conferences are phenomenal, because they provide insight to why Orthodoxy is not a dead faith of empty rituals but rather a living faith that serves the one and only living God.  The clergy and lay people who selflessly dedicate their time towards helping us discover our faith are amazing.  I would have been afraid to approach a priest or a deacon and ask them any question before I went to St. Herman’s but St. Herman’s has helped me to realize that clergy are approachable and have incredible amounts of spiritual insight. 

The conference has also helped me to understand a lot more about the church and has influenced me to consider attending seminary.  These are the ideas we discuss frequently at conference and where else can high school and college youth discuss such aspirations?  I know that before I started attending St. Herman’s Conference I did not attend church every Sunday and I went only because my parents told me to…  Though now I feel strange if I even miss one Sunday Liturgy.

I am more comfortable with my faith and definitely more willing to share it with others because of St. Herman’s Conference.  The Conference has served to educate me on so many levels.  Now all of my best friends are people I have meet through conference.  It is hard to even try to put into words how much St. Herman’s Conference has done within my life and there is no telling where it will take me on my journey…

Alex Prokopienko, 19


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