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Schema-Hegumen Nektariy
Schema-Hegumen Nektariy
Schema-Hegumen Nektariy
Schema-Hegumen Nektariy Biography


1965 Karol Sokrates Haji-Petropoulos is born in Sukhoumi to a Greek-Georgian Orthodox family.

1981 moves to Mexico

1983 tonsured a monk with the name Nektariy in the honor of St. Nektarios of Aegina, several months later receives the Great Schema.

2004 Joined the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia

2006 Ordained Hierodeacon and then Hieromonk at Holy Trinity Monastery in Jordanville, NY by Metropolitan Laurus.

2007 opened first Russian parish in Mexico City – Holy Trinity Skete.

2008 Ordained Hegumen

Academic degrees:

Bachelor’s degree in Archaeology (Sophia University, Tokyo Japan 1989)

Master’s degree in Humanities (History and Anthropology College, Mexico City 1993)

Doctor's degree in Historical Sciences (Iberoamericana University, Mexico City 1996)

Doctor's degree in Divinity (Iberoamericana University, Mexico City 2000)

Bachelor's degree in Medicine, ((MD,GP) Panamericana University, 2003)

Doctor's degree in Divinity (Iberoamericana University, Mexico City 2005)

Schema-Hegumen Nektariy’s only life dream was to lead the life of a regular monk at a monastery.  His current greatest project is to build the  monastery's refectory for the Monks and his parishioners at Holy Trinity Skete in Mexico City.

Fr. Nektariy knows a total of eight languages: English , Spanish, Greek, Japanese – main, Italian, French, Sanskrit, Persian.


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