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Matushka Alexandra Letter to You

July 2020


Dear in Donor,

You were there for me at my darkest hour. And then you were there for me again when I needed help the most.

I hope when you open and read this letter you realize that this is not just words on paper.
This is me sending you -  with many tears -  a giant bear hug. 

Thank you for everything you have done for me. Because if you have ever given to FFA in the past, this means, you personally helped me at the most difficult time of my life.

Please, let me explain.

On July 25th, 2019, Fr. John Moses, my beloved husband of 44 years, died most unexpectedly.

Because you are one of the remarkable people who give to FFA, you know that being a ROCOR clergyman is not easy. Especially, financially. 

Being a priest’s widow, I can tell you that it’s one of the greatest blessings of my life… Yet very often, it’s also a heavy cross to bear.

And when my dear husband passed away so suddenly last year, one of the first things I had to worry about despite my grief, was: how to find the money for the burial expenses?

But that’s when you stepped in.

Thanks to the great love and generosity of donors like you, the FFA collected more than enough money to cover the funeral costs. I will never be able to adequately express just how much your assistance meant to me and my family.

Yet, you didn’t stop there. As an FFA donor, you are the one responsible for funding the Faces of ROCOR podcasts on YouTube. 

You cannot imagine how touching it was for my little family to sit down on Father’s Day and - with streaming tears - watch Episode 23 “Take Me Home.”

You gave our family a huge, and much-needed hug, through that episode.

Our first Father’s Day without Fr. John was going to be difficult for me, my two children, their spouses and my two grandchildren. 

But because of folks like you, instead, it was a day of joyful sorrow we will never forget, because…

You didn’t just give us monetary support when we desperately needed it. You gave us Fr. John on Father’s Day! 

Because you showed us how much he is still loved, not only by us, but by countless people around the world, some known and others unknown to us…That he is not forgotten.

This is just another way that you bring joy and consolation to so many clergy families. This is love in action.

And that’s why I am writing to you today, with a full heart. Because even if you had never given to Fr. John’s Memorial Fund, you may have given support to the FFA.  

Which means that you, people like you, and the FFA were all there for me in my darkest hour.

I don’t need to tell you what that means. You already know. Otherwise you wouldn’t be reading my letter.

But here’s something you might not know: 

The Fund for Assistance can’t survive without your help! 

Which means that they won’t be able to serve people just like me, who without warning, find themselves in desperate need.

That’s why I’m writing, to ask that you give a tax-deductible gift today – as much as you can afford – to help the Fund for Assistance continue its mission, because… 

Your gift immediately goes to work, helping other clergy families cope with the suffering, confusion, doubts and fears that surround a clergyman’s life…and death.

Every gift is a blessing…and will do great good.

If you believe in the FFA as much as I do, please follow your heart and give with as much generosity as you are able.

I know this is a challenging time to be asking for a monetary gift. And please believe me, no one will ever think poorly of you if you are unable to donate at this time. 

The primary reason I’m asking for your help today is that I have personally experienced, firsthand, the love of people like you. 

Your kindness and generosity, even if we had never met, meant so much to me…  And I want to help make sure when others find themselves in dire circumstances, their needs will also be met.

That’s why I am sending my own donation to the FFA today. Won’t you please join me?

I miss my husband so much. I think of him all the time. And I often think about how you and kind people like you showed your love to him, even after his death. 

And I watch and re-watch Episode 23 of the Faces of ROCOR. Please watch it if you haven’t. Just type in “fund4assistance” in YouTube and find Episode 23 “Take Me Home”.

Thank you for your love. Please continue to pray for Fr. John and for me.

With my sincere thanks and prayers for you and your family. 

Thank you for caring for clergy families and widows like me. And please, help the FFA today by sending a donation. You don’t know how much your love will mean to someone close to you one day.


Your unworthy sister in Christ, 


Matushka Alexandra Moses


P.S. May the most Holy Theotokos always protect you in these troubled times.

Fund for Assistance to the ROCOR
P.O. Box 272
Glen Cove, NY 11542

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